By North South Initiative

Thomas Orhions Ewasinha, Notes of Proceedings of Coroner’s Inquest

7 days ago we invited people to help the NGO North South Initiative (NSI) raise money to help the cause of immigration reform in Malaysia.

Since then, NSI has received 11 contributions, totalling RM1,400. NSI is encouraged by these contributions and is grateful.

Since then, it is probable that at least one person has died in immigration custody. (This estimate is based on government data released in Parliament about the number of custodial deaths per year.)

The shortfall is RM4,600, since the goal is to raise RM6,000, in addition to RM2,000 raised previously. Times are hard and there are many needy people and causes. And, it’s Hari Raya.

But exposing wrongs, pressing for reforms, and establishing justice – especially for the voiceless and powerless who are hidden behind walls – is also important. It’s not too late to contribute.

The collection will remain open until 11:59PM on Wednesday, 12 May. For your convenience, the account information is repeated here:

Account Name: North South Initiative
Bank: Maybank
Account No: 514253507656
Description: ThomasNoP
Email: [email protected]  CC : [email protected]

It would be helpful if you email or WhatsApp an image of your deposit record to NSI at +60122900756. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can choose not to send the image.