By Maj. Harjit Singh Rendawa (Rtd.)

My Heartfelt Appreciation and Gratitude of Thanks to All the Front Liners, Nurse's, Caregivers at Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan for my recent admission and stay from 16th May to 2nd June.

I tested positive on 10th May and was admitted on 16th May via the Emergency Department when my Oxygen levels started dropping below the safety limits and had reached 87/88 and my Cough became bad and I started to have breathing problems.

A Spring Salute to All the Healing Angels in the ICU on the 5th floor where I spent 5 Days , Covid Wads Tulip on the 4th Floor and Bunga Raya which was my home till 25th May and then onwards to the Medical Wad who helped me in my Battle against the Covid Scourge.

One Angel who I always looked forward to see while I was in the ICU was Lt. Col. Dr. Mohamed Azlan Ariffin who while dressed up in his protective clothing extruded an Aura of Love and Empathy which was very motivating. A very professional Doctor,  gentle in his ways and fully committed to fighting this War day in day in out. I Salute Dr. Azlan and his Team for helping me fight my Battle in the ICU and continuing to come and see me in Wad Tulip the Covid Recovery Wad over the total of 10 Days I was there.

While mine was a Single Battle Won, the Healing Angels continue their  War against Covid 19 day in day out with full Dedication, Professionalism and Emphty for All their  Patient's at HAT TM  

This was the same scenario at the Medical Wad where I spent for my Post Covid Recovery 8 days after being declared Covid free and Covid Negative on the 25th of May.

From the Medical Wad I would like to single out Lt. Col. Dr. Fara Rahidah Binti Hussin  for her dedication and very professional approach together with her Team and making  my stay very comfortable and addressing all my Post Covid medical issues  meticulously.

Thank You Dr. Fara Rahida  and Dr. Mohamed  Azlan,  a Spring Salute to You and All Members of Your Teams . I am truly Grateful to all of You.  

They say it's nice to have a Doctor as a friend in the Hospital where you are admitted. I would like to register my Gratitude to a  Very Good Family Friend, Col. Dr. Malar who is the Skin Specialist at HAT TM. She was the first person I informed that I am Covid Positive and I am coming in for admission and when I was ICU she would call the Doctors and keep a tab of my  progress. Following my transfer to Wad Tulip and then to Medical Wad Col. Dr. Malar will either call or message me almost daily and ask if required anything or any food from outside.

Now that I am at Home at Post-Post Recovery Stage, Col. Dr. Malar continues to call me and check on my Edema @Water Retention Problem and it's Progress. Thank You Col.Dr. Malar for being there for Me I am Truly Blessed and Grateful to have a friend like You.

May GOD Almighty Bless Us All. Especially All the Doctors, Nurses and Front Liners at Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tengku Mizan.